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Violent Crimes

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is plagued with violence. Typically a violent crime in California refers to Murder, Rape, Robbery, and Lewd Acts on a child under the age of 14 and aggravated assault charges.

However there are many other situations that can lead to violent crimes such as, bar fights or domestic violence situations if there are any severe injuries. At the Kay Law Firm, we have profound experience in handling these types of cases. For example, were you acting in self-defense? Is there sufficient evidence to prove that you were involved or can you be identified as the perpetrator?

This is why it is extremely important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney early on in the process. Often times, the police do not have sufficient evidence against you to file charges. In attempt to gain this information, the police will tell you that if you cooperate and give a statement, things will turn out better. This is never true as the incriminating statements you give will ALWAYS be used against you in a criminal case. Be smart, if you are being investigated for a violent crime or have been arrested, demand a lawyer, assert your right to remain silent and contact Attorney Kay. At the Kay Law Firm, we know what it takes to win these very complicated high-level cases and have a very high success rate in handling these types of violent crime cases.

Contact us now!! Attorney Kay and her legal team will start working on your case and start building your solid defense in an effort to keep you out of jail.

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