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Theft Crimes

Being charged with a theft crime can be a frightening experience, whether it’s an accusation of Petty Theft for shoplifting baby formula or Grand Theft Auto for stealing a car. You may be worried about the possible criminal punishments, including jail, or the secondary consequences, like losing your job or getting deported. It’s important to learn more about the charges, possible punishments, and legal defenses that can help protect you.

The Kay Law Firm has handled hundreds of Theft related charges and has a proven track record of obtaining a reduction of charges and complete dismissals. Also, hiring Attorney Kay early in the process may prove to be very beneficial given she has successfully convinced the prosecutor to not file charges in the first place. So, if you or a loved one is charged with a theft crime, call attorney Kay. She will immediately put her legal experience at work to help you stay out of jail and keep your records clean.

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