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Drug Crimes

Were you arrested for Possession of Cocaine,, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Prescription Medication, Ecstasy or any other illegal substance? Contact us immediately. At the Kay Law Firm, we defend these cases vigorously and often times can get these charges dismissed entirely.

From a legal standpoint, in these types of cases we immediately look at whether you were in possession of the illegal substance and whether the police unlawfully detained or searched you. If so, we will file a motion to suppress due to the police acting illegally.

Further, within many of these cases you may be eligible for the Deferred Entry of Judgment Program (DEJ), which is a program usually for first time offenders allowing for a dismissal of the case if you successfully complete a drug education class and remain on good behavior for a period of time. Proposition 36 Program is much like the DEJ Program and also allows dismissal of the drug charges, but it is more intense and therefore less advantageous to the individual. Nevertheless, it is another option to avoid jail time. Additionally, under Proposition 47, which was recently passed, many felony cases are reducible to misdemeanors thereby eliminating any prison sentences for simple possession.

Unlike simple possession, the cultivation, sale and transportation of drugs carry stiff penalties and expose you to significant prison time. We also understand that the addition of having a gun or being a documented gang member in these types of cases can significantly increase your exposure. At The Kay Law Firm, we aggressively defend these types of cases and will immediately begin to work on your case to see if there was an illegal search and seizure that might result in the suppression of evidence and dismissal of the case. Attorney Kay has also had a high record of success in convincing the prosecutor to reduce the charges to misdemeanors given the lack of evidence to support a sales conviction on the basis that the illegal substances were possessed for personal use.

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